Saturday, January 17, 2009

Boiled Raisin Cookies

These cookies are always a favorite of mine. The combination of spices gives them an
interesting irresistible taste. The recipe itself uses a cake like batter and results in a
chewy cookie that has the texture of a muffin top.

The original recipe is below, a couple of observations:

A Raisins Tale,

I would recommend adding the raisins to the boiling water and boiling them for three minutes.
Then cover and let cool and steep while you prepare the balance of the recipe. DRAIN and fold them in at the very last step. If you add all the raisin water you will have a very runny dough.

On Salt and Typo's

If you use salted butter or margarine ( Imperial) you don't need to add the extra salt.

The double 1/4 tsp of all spice is probably a typo as one measure is enough if its freshly ground.

Enjoy this Classic in moderation, freeze the balance or keep in your cold room as they are moist and will spoil if you leave them out.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Loaf Bakery and Bistro, A Tropical Treat

A while back I had the great pleasure of spending a few days on a tropical isle.
I also had the pleasure of having tea and pastries at The Loaf Bakery and Bistro.

The food and service were fit for a Prime Minister, which should come as no surprise
as the ex Malaysian Prime Minister is a partner. I have a little video of the whole experience,
I added a little J. Blunt to set the mood. Enjoy this tropical interlude while your car battery freezes solid!