Saturday, October 4, 2008

Matrimonial Cake

Matrimonial cake a sweet treat with a strange name. It's defiantly not a wedding cake , some have suggested that its name comes from " a metaphor for marriage because it has a rough top but a sweet filling and a firm base". Pretty clever, I can't take credit for making this batch but I was a willing participant!

It seems to have Western Canadian origins. I just call it delicious.

My sister sent me a scan of my mothers original recipe hand written in two colours.

She gives credit to her mother on the top corner.

It still tastes great even frozen!

Click on this image to make it larger!

Truck Food IV

Thats Truck Food 4, not Truck Food intravenous ;-)

This episode is shot in Harrison New York Just off the Saw Mill on Saw Mill River Road near

Farragut ave.

I had heard tails of this Taco Truck from several people, my mechanic and a local firefighter as

well. It's only open day time up till 5pm. Took a chance on a Saturday and was rewarded with

delicious chicken taco's! The price is a treat and they were very

fresh and spicy. They also serve Beef and vegi tacos as well as

hot dogs. Well worth the effort to find it.