Sunday, March 17, 2013

Battered Sausage

 What can you say that this picture doesn't?

When I was a boy back on the prairies one of our favorite treats was to have Dad cook dinner.
Mom worked and some times she would have evening shifts at Safeway or be out at a Historical Society meeting.
This would sometimes  mean breakfast for dinner or just about anything he could put together after a hard day in the field or in the shop.

One of my favorites was battered Bologna or any other type of meat like salami or kielbasa.

I had a roll of turkey summer sausage given to me as a stocking stuffer over the holidays. Get your minds out of the gutter it was Pepper Ridge Farm!

So one night in a fit of desperation, or was it culinary boredom and nostalgia, I grabbed a box of pancake batter and my sausage and heated up the fry pan.

Cut  the sausage as thin as you can and dip it into the batter, it should be think enough to stick to the meat but not so think as to fall off when it's cooked.

Fry until golden brown, and enjoy... with catsup or spicy pepper sauce.