Thursday, May 22, 2008

Taco Time - Food Pioneer

When I was growing up we would infrequently visit my grama's sister in California.
In the late 60's California was the place to be and the food to eat was Mexican.

My aunt would send care packages to the frozen north so we were able to have
exotic taco's long before they appeared on the shelf at Safeway.
My mom was quite the food pioneer! Taco's in the Canadian prairie in 1969.
It was a big step from seven layer dinner!

I stuck pretty well to the original ingredients, substituted vegi ground round for
ground beef. I find ground turkey a bit metallic.

It turned out pretty much as I remember.

Buy the ingredients as pictured, follow the directions on the package of seasoning,
heat the shells in the oven to soften them up.

We would have the ingredients prepared on a plate and assemble them yourself.

This still works for me!



this single spark said...

Okay... we are SO having tacos this week!

B W said...

these vegi taco's are good for everyday!

but they do have a weekend flare!