Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Have A Dream

I used to listen to Danny Finkleman on Saturday Nights filling up my Volkswagen in Ponton.
Usually it was 50 below zero.

That's not my dream, but he would always have " money making idea # 347" or some thing like that.
I don't know if this would top #347 but here's a shot
In my dream I would travel around the world tasting food that is produced on trucks.
I would of course be paid well for this valuable service to humanity.
My crew and I would document it and it would look some thing like this....

Wouldn't that be cool...BW


Anonymous said...

The next time you're back home you'll have to interview "big Al" at Ye Olde Chip Truck.


Anonymous said...

yep he can regal us with roady tales!