Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spam Tacos

Hard to wax poetic about a decidedly proletariat food like Spam.
I have managed to " Pimp my Spam" by literally putting lipstick
on a pig. I think there is a lot of pork in this dish!

The key to this one is using a cheese grater to grate up the chilled spam.
Than you take it and fry it up in a pan with chili seasoning. No need to add
fat or salt as Spam is well endowed with those two items.
I used smoked chedar, and fresh greens to complete the fillings.

The taco shells are the standard hard shell kind.
I finished it of with a bit of lipstick red taco sauce.
I would recommend using the reduced sodium and reduced fat version of Spam.

All in all it is a pretty good taco!



Anonymous said...

Smoked cedar??
Julienned into toothpicks, or shredded sawdust style??


B W said...

Yes that wood be woodsy! Alas only a typo.

Anonymous said...


but its still SPAM

id rather go buy some pork shoulder or something

Anonymous said...

If all you have is spam!

or when in Rome...


Anonymous said...

You could use a pork shoulder,
or chicken, or fish, or lamb,
or goat, or rabbit,or iguana,
or frog,or TVP,or tofu,or shark,


this single spark said...

may i just say.... ew. gross.

that said, i used to love opening the cans of klik with that little key, back when i was a kid. my enjoyment never really went beyond that, though.