Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dark and Stormy

This seems like an unlikely name for a drink that I first experienced in the bright sunshine on a summer day. However I was sitting on a pier enjoying a lobster quesadilla ( fusion food, but it worked) The basic idea is dark rum and ginger BEER with a splash of lime. However that's just the start.Ginger ale is not the same it's just soda, you really need to have that ginger kick. As a bit of background, this drink owes its roots to the British Empire. Legend has it that in a effort to cut down on rum consumption in Bermuda the Brits decided to allow Ginger Beer as an option for the weekly ration. However the rules were not specific and the boys just said yes to both. And the Dark and Stormy was born. The ideal rum is, not surprisingly, Goslings Black Seal from Bermuda, a strong dark rum with molasses to spare. Pour this onto three ice cubes in an old fashioned glass and top up with ginger beer. Make sure you get a spicy one, there are a number of them that range from artisan to discount. Some are even from Bermuda and many are good. Try to get cane sugar and real ginger flavor, if its cloudy and makes you "hack" it's so spicy it will work just fine. Some people like a slice of lime and that can add to the cloudy storminess of this potent drink. May all your Dark and Stormy nights be of this kind. Cheers, BW

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