Saturday, April 5, 2008


If you can have Breakfast in the morning why not Snackfast for that post 5pm
time when your deciding what to make for dinner.

Interesting idea I wonder if it will stick!

This is a savory treat I threw together to test the concept.

The picture below shows my ingredients use your own stock to come up with

creative Snackfast ideas.



suzy said...

I know although you don't say where you're from, that you are in Canada. My Canadian husband eats the same thing!

this single spark said...

This is what we always made as snacks when we were kids: Ritz crackers, a squirt of ketchup on each, a bit of luncheon meat, a slice of cheese. Broil in the oven or microwave, et voila! Mini pizzas!

Since I no longer eat meat, a great variation would be with slices green olives.

B W said...

Or pickled mushrooms!