Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Chilli in a Hurry

If your crew is hungry this game day there is still time to get a big pot of chilli together!

I used all the ingredients below to make this $11 feast. 4-6 servings

That works out to less than $2 per person.

( Same price gets you a cup of java at the golden arches...)


Three cans of pork and beans
One can tomato soup
One can Kidney beans
1/2 an onion
Package of chili seasoning
1 Lb lean ground meat

I used ground turkey as its not as greasy and has the added tryptophan kick.

The pack of seasoning was surprisingly good for the price.

I was looking for a different brand.

Cut the onion in half and brown it with a bit of oil and combine the seasoning.

Add the ground meat and brown. While you are browning the meat, dump all the other

canned ingredients into a large pot and bring to a slow boil. Be careful not to scorch it to the

bottom as it will be thick. When the meat is browned drain the fat and combine with the beans.

Let this heat together stirring with a wooden spoon. Don't scrape the bottom of the pan its sure

to have a bit of burnt stuff by this point. I poshed it up a bit with nachos and some paprika on



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That's pretty much my recipe too.
I also add: