Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Game On! These Nuts and Bolts Please!

When I watch football, the real kind with three downs!
I like to munch on my favorite nuts and bolts. Salt, butter,
and garlic all kick this recipe int the end zone. Whether your
watching the The Grey Cup or the Other Bowl this one won't
make it past the last quarter, maybe not even half time serve
with tasty beer or swank cooler, Its all good.
Mix it in a tub, trough or roaster that can fit in the oven. Serves lots
Make ahead it takes 2 weeks in a large popcorn tin to taste best.

Nuts and Bolts , Aunt S version

8 cups Shreddies
8cups crispix
8cups honey combs
8 cups cherrios
4 cups small caliber pretzels ( must fit in cherrios)
1 bag of small bread rounds
2 cups peanuts blanched unsalted

1 cup butter salted
4 tb Worcestershire sauce
2 tspns each of celery salt onion salt, garlic salt, paprika

Measure all dry ingredients into a very large vessel
mix thoroughly.

On the stove melt butter add seasonings and combine.

Pour hot liquid ingredients onto dry ingredients while
turning and mixing.

Bake at 200f for 2 hrs stirring frequently.
This will taste great when it comes out but wait till it
sits in the cupboard for a while....



Kiriel du Papillon said...

What fun! I can see this being a real winner with carb-hungry teenage boys!

Anonymous said...

Or carb hungry adults!

Anonymous said...

This is the smell of Christmas!

You need to put the shreddies in last or they will go soggy. Also, you can substitute garlic powder and onion powder for salt if you are using salted nuts.


~Madeline~ said...
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~Madeline~ said...

Honeycombs...YES! I made Nuts n' Bolts for Superbowl this year (would've made them for Grey Cup too had I thought of it, Doi) I loved them so much but the addition of Honeycombs is going to make them even better. Nice one.

P.S. I like what you have going on here, a lot!

B W said...

Good point if you don't like the soggy shreddies dripping with :-) butter and garlic